One Type Of Kratom: Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng da kratom is perhaps the most well-known of all the kratom varieties. Yet, in recent years, it has fallen back when compared to other species of kratom in terms of its potency.

When Old Is Best

The tried and true potency and reliability of maeng da kratom for pain relief and stimulation properties still make it a standout in many cases.

Interesting Facts About Maeng Da Kratom

It’s funny to note that conspiracy theorists have even gotten a hold of this plant, making it the subject of some gossip surrounding its origin. Though, the boring truth is that maeng da kratom was originally created just by a simple grafting of the plant.

White-vein-KratomThe basic idea was that Asian farmers, particularly in Thailand and Indonesia, were playing around with bulk kratom to make more potent leaves. In their competition, they grafted together the maeng da kratom many have come to know and love today.

Indonesia provides the best grounds for growing and harvesting maeng da kratom. The high humidity and heavy heat are ideal for growing maeng da kratom.

It turns out there is one plantation that knocks the socks off the rest of the growers located in Indonesia. They are the ones credited with the most awesome grafting efforts to create the most potent leaves of the maeng da kratom.

While this farm is still around, other farmers jumped in on the growing of maeng da kratom over the years. This has dampened the species, making it actually less potent than newer strands that have been developed in recent years.

Still, the pain-killing and stimulation properties are turned to for the plant’s ability to deliver.  The main issue with other, including the newer kratom varieties, is that you have to choose whether you want pain killing or stimulation properties. With maeng da kratom, you do not have to choose.

The Clean Stimulant

Kratom varieties, including maeng da kratom, which have the stimulant property, are considered clean. Unlike, say caffeine, which causes side effects, kratom is considered a clean stimulant.

Chronic Pain Relief

The other aspect of kratom many seek is the long-term pain relief support it offers. Again, you usually have to choose between pain relief or stimulant. That is not the case with maeng da kratom, which offers up both aspects in one plant.

People have also noticed a boost in their mood when taking maeng da kratom as well. So, it may be one plant to keep in your rotation.