What is transitional design and how to incorporate it into your office?

The transition is the term we use to describe moving from point A to point B. ˝Transitional design˝ is the term that describes the unique furniture style. Transitional furniture takes all the key features from the traditional and contemporary furniture style and blends them into an enduring and elegant design that´s also classic and comfortable.

Lately, the transitional style has grown in popularity. Designers noticed a drastic rise of clients who want to change their work and home environment, to have both traditional and modern elements. This feat is not easy to pull out, but in the following lines, we´ll clear up any of your doubts.


What is transitional style?

As we already mentioned, transitional style is a mix of contemporary and classic. Or, you can just think of it as a new take on the classical style, freshen up traditional style. Even though the modern and traditional style has pretty opposite elements in their designs, transitional style achieves to reach the perfect balance between the two.

Transitional style combines both curvy furnishings and straight-lined finishes, resulting in a room that´s both masculine and feminine in its nature. For some, combining these two opposite styles may sound like a scattered mess, but in reality, the room looks lightly decorated and has a softer texture.

Can the style be applied to private offices?

It depends on what kind of statement you want to make, but the style perfectly fits both home and work environment. When people think about individual private offices, the first thing that comes to their mind is an office desk. Of course, there´s much more to understand, much more products to consider if you want to directly impact on attaining an efficient, comfortable, and adaptable private office. If you don´t know where to begin, transitional office furniture from DMI Furniture might be a good start.

The traditional pieces of furniture are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The office environment is evolving all the time, adapting to new demands such as huddle space, healthy work environment, need to reduce lease space and so on. Whether you´re designing a home or commercial office space, look no further than transitional office furniture from DMI Furniture.

Excellence in manufacturing, quality, and craftsmanship are at the heart of transitional office furniture from DMI Furniture. Their pieces of furniture will give you the best comfort, functionality, and design while making your office look timeless. They combine the old world of craftsmanship and the modern technologies, which allows them to create solid and beautiful pieces of furniture that are going to last for decades. Sheer elegance, color combinations, and rich details will give your office an impeccable atmosphere for any kind of business meeting in the future.


Basic transitional design features

In order to have tasteful transitional design and well-blended look, take next into consideration:

  • color choices should be neutral, so the lines of your furniture will take the central spot,
  • textural elements such as steel, glass, wood or fabric are necessary to incorporate,
  • avoid using too many accessories because it will look distasteful,
  • use larger pieces of art instead of many small pieces.